Cicada Asian Antiques and Ethnocentric Fine Arts
Cicada Asian Antiques and Ethnic Arts
Shang dyn Jade Huang (1600-1046BCE). White nephrite jade calcified 'chicken-bone' white.
S. Dong / J. Watson
Michigan, USA

Large Tang dyn (618-906BC) Sancai Lokapala
Welcome! Originally Cicada Asian Art and Antiquites, we have 'evolved" to Cicada Asian Antiquities and Ethnic Art. We still kept our original passion for fine Asian and Oriental antiquities and art, (primarily Chinese, Japanese), but have expanded to include other fine and worthy art and antiquities of other cultures and ethnicities. Among our ever changing inventory, we presently include items from the Neolithic China, (pre-2500BC), to 20th century and ethnocentric works by: Rembrandt, Tiffany, Handel, Icart, Carlyse, Hartung, Vaserely, Bricher,Fortuna and more.
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